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Condensation or head gasket

Light brown oil after winter

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I have an 03 hayabusa. Started it up a couple times during the colder months( I live in ny) went to do new coolent and new oil to have it sit for the rest of the winter and the oil is a light brown color. I've been reading a couple forums I've seen it can be condisation from the winter months and starting it up, using mobile 1 in the cold or the dreaded head gasket. Looking for some insight on it or if anyone else has had this problem. Thank you guys
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Yeah I put new oil in it heated the garage got the bike up to temp and the oil looks fine now. I've never see oil like this though
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look on the coolant side of your radiator cap for a white film, and on the oil side of oil filler cap for water droplets..
I checked them both didn't see any white film or water dropplets
someone fugg with your bike? some people will do that type of BS.. looks like something white was added, like milk, hows it smell? good thing you got that out of there, YUK
Didn't smell like coolent just seemed like normal oil. Also when the bike started white smoke coming out but once it was up to temp there was no smoke at all.

This is the new oil from the other day after about 4 heat cycles in a heated garage. Not sure if that helps or not but thanks for the help guys.


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