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Condensation or head gasket

Light brown oil after winter

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I have an 03 hayabusa. Started it up a couple times during the colder months( I live in ny) went to do new coolent and new oil to have it sit for the rest of the winter and the oil is a light brown color. I've been reading a couple forums I've seen it can be condisation from the winter months and starting it up, using mobile 1 in the cold or the dreaded head gasket. Looking for some insight on it or if anyone else has had this problem. Thank you guys
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Start off every season I drop the oil. General service. Starting and running through the winter ( even up to temp ) is nowhere near the same a riding,does the oil no good.
And, In the Suzuki owners manual, it states something like for winter storage, to FILL the crankcase up to the filler hole with oil. Then drain it down before running it in Spring....
I do run and use it when possible ( without lockdown ) during winter, so doing it by the manual would not work for me.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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