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  • 8nn ·
    my sons 2005 gsxr 600 the secondarys do not open only chatter the shaft is free issue is in the motor was told you can resolder the connections internally email me at [email protected] with price and where to send unit thank you Roger
    b3nko ·
    Hey stva god, I got a C28 last week on my 2005 750 and ripped into it tonight. When I turn the ignition ON, I can hear the fuel pump prime, but the stv's don't move at all, let alone go through their range of motion. Also, their is no ratcheting or clicking sounds after it's done priming, just silence. I assume this means that I have some solder repair in my future, but just want to make sure before I teach myself how to solder. While I'm here, how much are you charging should I doubt my abilities? Thanks, Mike.
    JayJ04 ·
    Hello, I have a K4 600 that I need the STVA repaired. Can you please let me know how I would get mine to you and what do you charge for this repair. Thank you.
    TheGeek ·
    The cable drive type (pre 2003) all suffer from the same problem. The brushes in the electric motor wear out. Really not much you can do unless you can find a direct replacement for the motor. Otherwise, you're just stuck buying a new STVA.
    infamous1986 ·
    Hello STVA master,
    I have a2000 gsxr 750 which is the cable driven system so from what i have read so far all the fixes are for the 2003+ models not cable driven. I removed the box yesterday and took it apart and cleaned it up a little and when i got it back together it worked fine, no more error light. this morning i got the FI light and i can tell the throttle bodies are not moving, I was not able to find a short or anything like that so far, could this actuator just be bad and need to be replaced? any ideas for this cable drive system? Thanks for anything you can provide!
    keevin77 ·
    hey, please call /txt me a price to fix the stva on my 04 gixzxer 600. 580-220-9267. it went out. sat ofr a day, ran fine for 30 mins, then went out again. is this something i could do, any pics? im trying to sell the bike and it waited till i had someone look at it to start messing up. thx
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