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Brilliant guy to deal with :cheers

Posted up in the SRAD subforum about doing a caliper swap from the 6 pot to the 4 pot. He flicks me a PM and says he has a set of 4 pots that he will let go for just shipping cost. Also he has an 07 radial master cyl to go with it, and after hearing about my small crash I had while sorting all this out, he chucks in a free stock clutch lever to replace my not quite straight one.

The parts arrived packaged nicely, some pads included too, although I bought some CL SBK5 pads anyway. Calipers are in great condition, pistons need a bit of a clean up, but I was expecting that. Master cyl looks almost brand new. All up, bloody great :lol

Thanks a bunch mate, now for those Yoshi rearsets I missed out on.....:biggrin
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