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Yosh cyclone keep rear pegs?

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just looking for an answer to the topic? Thanks!:confused
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also what is everyones opinion regarding the cyclone vs. the trc?
you can use the Cyclone w/the stock passenger pegs. you will need longer bolts that go thru both the peg and the exhaust bracket but it will work. i tested it for Fuel Moto when i put mine on.
Cyclone beats the TRC in HP gains but is louder.
contact Jamie at [email protected] or go to for a good price on a pipe, pcIII, filter pkg all mapped and ready to fly. tell him mikeinwi. sent you.
Cool man....thanks for the the cyclone is louder? just a minor concern cuz some cops here in chicago are real pricks about loud exhausts on cages and on bikes.
The Cyclone is very loud IMO. I love mine, though. I'm not annoyed by it's volume when riding.
so for a tamer sound go with trc????? :hammer
atmosphere0284 said:
so for a tamer sound go with trc????? :hammer

Yep, I have the TRC and have heard the Cyclone and I like the sound of my TRC. They cyclone is just a bit too loud for my fragile ass...:D
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