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WTS: 827.00 in gift cards from Cycle Gear

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I returned a few things from Cycle Gear and received gift cards back. I have 827.00 worth and I would like to sell them. I will give a discount if your interested. Thanks, G Green Font Recipe Toy Comfort food
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I understand everyones concern's. Im open to sending the cards to a third party like an admin or a store of your choosing in order to make sure everythings on the up and up.
Oh, Im not looking at giving the cards away although I appreciate the offer. I will do 10% off. That should get you 827.00 worth for about 740.00 If your buying a new helmet or exhaust, its a pretty good savings. Thanks
OK, lets try this anyone need a helmet? I will go buy you whatever helmet under 827.00 you need from cycle source, You send me the money, and I will send you the helmet. Maybe something else you need. Tires? Everything will be 10% off. Thanks
1 - 3 of 5 Posts