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Didn't get my bike ready for this weekend's races until Friday night. Loaded everything up, and headed for the track at 5am on Saturday morning. Once at the track, the work started. My front fork seals were leaking really bad, and the battery in my pit quad was dead. Pulled all the fairings off the front of the bike, the fender, the wheel, and pulled the forks out. Walked them over to Moss (who just happened to have seals for my forks), the suspension dude at the track, and had him change the seals in both forks, and of course change the oil in them.. He said later that the oil was pretty dirty in them (probably because the seal was leaking for a while). Missed the first 3 or so practice sessions getting this squared away…. For the battery, went down to Kelly Baker's shop, and he not only put my battery on the charger, but he loaned me a battery to get the quad going in the mean time -Great guy that Kelly is -THANKS DUDE!!. Finally, I get to suit up, and try and ride the thing. I went out for 3-4 laps 1:32-33 pace just to see if things were working.. Next session, I backed a little rebound out in the front and did another 3 or so laps getting the feel for the bike again.. 1:31 pace.. And finally, the last 3-4 laps of practice, I went out and got down to 1:29 range.. Not bad I guessed, so I chilled out, skipped the last practice session and waited for Practice starts (boy did I need them). Craig, who's normally the starter for the weekend, I've got the timing down perfect.. But John who was doing that duty this weekend does the flag routine different every time, so my timing was off.. I wasn't the only one.. Kato, damn near looped his bike on one of the practice starts, and nearly took out his pit neighbor from team cobra out.. GOOD SAVE dude.. I thought for sure that one was a gone'r!
After practice, we cracked open the Corona's, locked everything up, and went to dinner/Hotel. I was pretty tired for this time, so I really didn't get my normal fill of the Essex house Pub.. I was in bed by like 10pm!
Sunday morning Mark and I rolled to the track.. And pretty much went straight to tech inspection.. WOW, tech seemed pretty busy for a while, but all was good. My first race of the day was race 1 600 Modified Production.. My mechanic in the pits, Mario threw a new front tire on the bike right before the rider's meeting, but we really didn't have that much heat in it.. I essentially went out there on a cold front tire.. The cold front still seemed to work ok though.. The race was awesome. Got an OK start, went around a couple of guys in 1, and in two, Shaggy got by me.. "Oh no he did-int" I thought.. So I went up around him at the exit of two, and we were nearly touching as I went by (Welcome to WSMC expert class racing Shaggy!! Ahahaha). I then set out, and passed a couple more guys, and ended up battling with this #47 dude.. We were going at it pretty good for several laps, and then all of a sudden a huge smoke screen is coming from Sam #5's bike. I didn't know what it was, but if it was oil, I didn't want to fall in it.. I backed way down, and #47 got away.. Apparently behind us was a bad crash, so the red flagged the race. With the race past the half way mark already, it was in the books, I believe I finished 6th.. Best laptime was in the 1:27 range.. nice.
For the second race, we had a long break. There was a couple of blown motors or something, and a long delay to get back on the track.. Race number 7 was Trackdaz 650 superbike. Flag drops, and I'm bogging off the line, seems like the entire field passed me into 1. what a horrible start that was.. Oh well, time to go to work I guessed.. I started picking people off left and right. The first lap by, Dave (Jacob's dad) said I was in 14th… Every lap I had my head down and was passing people. On the white flag lap I had caught this guy.. I was catching him for two laps prior, (he was passing people too).. I watched him hang out wide and swoop into 9 the lap prior, so I planned to take him on the inside on the last lap/run for checkers.. I dove down the inside in 9, and he suprisingly did too.. I had already committed to the line, so I just kinda squeeked through, possibly making him check up. I crossed the checkers in front of him, and on the cool down lap I gave the guy thumb's up (meaning good racin' dude).. And he just rode right by.. My guess is he didn't like the pass.. But it was clean with no contact, so WHATEVER. I finished 7th in this one, and got into the 1:27's again.
Final race of the day was race #13, Formula two. This is my worst class, I swear.. There's always something, I'm either tired, too slow, something.. But this time, with a couple of laps in, on the tire I used in modprod in the morning (we flipped it).. I felt it was greasy.. Every time I was in turn 2 or 8, the rear would just slide around, and never hook up.. I thought about just giving a go of it, but thought better about not crashing, so I checked way up, and looked around (making sure there was nobody behind me) and finished the race. I thought I was going so damn slow, and later "Dave on the Mic" told me he saw me doing 1:29's! Wow, that's pretty fast for sitting up at like half throttle in 8, and sitting up going down the front straights.. I didn't believe him, so I checked the timing sheets myself, 1:29's.. WOW.. Not bad at all.. I finished 6th in this race as well.
What started out as a bad weekend for me, turned into a pretty good one. The points haul for me this weekend was excellent IMHO, considering those finishing positions and the fact it was double-points weekend. Big thanks to my mecanic Mario for keeping the bolts tight and wired on my pile! Also contrats to team mate Jacob #86 for racking up 2 more wins, and a 3rd in F1!
See you all at the races next month!
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