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Woodcraft rearsets

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Got some woodcraft sets from and mocked them up to my 2013 GSXR 750 and it does not seem like they fit..? anyone ever installed these resets before and had these issues?
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Bring to a professional to install like the instructions say.
Ended up returning them and with a small discrepancy they (STG) accepted and refunded me fully $320, Thanks.
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Plenty of options for this bike, Woodcraft and Vortex have the most adjustability i think. And theres plenty of other options.
I agree ... I've done a ton of research/looking but now that she is back together I will leave it stock for a while until I desire to revisit this. I Still haven't gotten the rear brake to tighten/seat perfectly. This seems to be common place when removing the brake side rearset. I've heard a washer remedies this issue but I haven't addressed it yet. 🤔
Remedies what? Slop in the brake lever? A little slop is good.
The whole brake pedal moves when engaging the rear brake. I've tried to tighten the bolt fully but then it binds the brake pedal. I have to take the assembly apart and look into it.
The right rearset bolt that holds the brake pedal and peg together from the backside.
Yeah, something isn't right. That should not bind the brake lever.
Right. Funny thing is upon looking on YouTube others have had this issue and used a washer to fix. There must be some secret that happens in assembly which changes after the factory tork is broken. 🤔
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