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Will this turbo work

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I have a k4 gsxr 600 that I'm wanting to turbo I also have a k04 turbo off a mazda cx7 I'm making my own custom header and intake im tryn to learn if the turbo would be too much
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You should probably read the long turbo thread by Dany1000 before you start this project. If you have a 600, you'd be much better off just selling it and buying a 1000cc before doing a turbo 600, because you're going to end up with a bike that makes about as much power as a liter bike with a much more complicated and much less reliable setup. Or, if you really want turbo, you should probably buy something like the Hayabusa or ZX-14 that has a larger community involved with turbocharging.

When I tuned my bike at Johnny Cheese, who was a very respected tuner and builder for the Hayabusa community, he even had a turbo 600 in the shop and agreed that while it made good power for a 600, it was basically a ticking timebomb and was not any more impressive in power than the liter bikes he tuned.
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