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I installed an Ideal undertail on my y2k 750 almost two years ago. This is the only undertail I have installed so I don't have a reference for comparison. But, I was/am not happy with there product.

The front mounts were not wide enough so I had to get longer bolts and stack washers between the subframe and undertail to make it work. The rear mounts didn't line up with the tail section so I had to drill my own holes. The ground wire to the right tail light was broken inside the insulation which caused the light to flicker over bumps.

The thing I disliked the most was the bulb mounts. They are actually 1 1/4" PVC plumbing caps hacked up to accept 1157 bulbs. These mounts are JUNK!!! I can't remember the details but they needed quit a bit of modification just to work.

They may have improved their product in the last few years, but I would recommend another brand.
Here is what I had to say on another post.
+1, got an ideal and the pvc pipe mounts are crap, and the lenses for the bulbs dont do much to reflect teh light and make them brighter, just crappy clear plastic
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