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Curious, Simon I know is up in the running on his 86 ltd, Just seeing whats going on with everybodys bikes
here is the run down on mine, including parts I have collected and up coming
Parts collected :
New in the box Yoshimura stage 1 cams
Keihin 41mm F-CR's with and ass load of jetting
38mm carb boots
SharkSkinz TLR race boy kit- soon to be off to joeypsychos for his artistic touch
Led tail lights that weigh less than 1lb total
Piaa type projetor lights for the front
endurance race tank of of a 93 race bike(possible) fit
GSXR 1000 froks
GSXR 1000 brakes front & rear
1994 750 swing arm - soon to go to Skid Vicsious for the super bike treatment
1993 1100 bannana arm going to be poilished this or next weekend
custom tripple to run the 1000 front
hidden ignition switch
miscelaneous carbon pieces to enclose the subframe
Every bracket that wasnt need I removed, all passenger gear removed
steel bracketing holding liscene plate and turn signals-removed
Up coming:
Fox shock with ride height
APE block 1340cc
carrillo rods
fork re-valve
APE superbike crank
Mild head work
DYNA 2000
dyna coils
2 additonal oil coolers
fabbing a small fan for main cooler
braided lines for every thing
Digtal oil gauge& digital speedo
Pingle petcock
LP USA clip-ons with carbon "handle" bars
possible carbon tank(big bucks
Dunlop 208's
Rims possible Dymags or Marchesini(1100-1500)

EBC rotors
520 gearing
nissin clutch and brake master cylinders
race lite wind screen
carbon fiber front fender
vortex or wood craft rear sets
goal wet weight 430-440lbs
goal rear wheel horse power 170+
well whats every body think
am I crazy


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I think I got You Guys on this one!!

And No,I'm not typing all My shit Down Right now!

But,I've been working on This 86' since 92'...and It's still not Done!!!!

I think I might just have the nicest paint job on the bike with Most Mods!!

The sad Thing Is I just started Building A Harley,so who knows now!!!!!!!!

Mr.Gixxer also has a very nice paint job coming also!
(I think Mr.Gixxer would beat us all if It came to the most Free Mods!!!!!

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did somebody say free?

I got 1/4 of my frame polished (not free! lots of elbow grease)
I might be getting my rims chromed (free)
I gots OPP clip-ons and rearsets
Libertek GSX-R LED's in a custom AirTech tail modded by Joey
Have RaceTech springs, seals, gold valves etc
D&D full exhaust
Will be buying a used Fox Shock
92 1100 swingarm with custom linkage mods by Doug
Dyna2000 ignition, coils
New style remote reservoir brake and clutch m/c units
Hooligan Racing aluminum brake res. unit
Pingel fuel valve
LED front signals
Ape manual cam chain tensioner
Cruztools toolkit
SBS brake pads
Ligtened rear rotor by TCM
K&N stage3 jet kit/filters and oil filter
Sprocket Specialists sprockets (aluminum rear)
Bar ends and spools from Total Performance Racing
Looking to add an Earl's cooler (or similar)
Metzler MEZ4's 110/18 front 160/18 rear (hope they are sticky enough)
Polished contershaft sprocket cover
Stop Thief paging alarm

and some other stuff

and next winter I will be doing a big bore motor with APE

and of course a custom paintjob and seat by!

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oops forgot, also getting an over head oiler, to prolong the life of the big bore.


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Oh and Mr.Gixxer might I suggest some 17in rims before the big bore?

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Cool somebody's got to represent true old skool, and not comepletly bastardize the bike like me


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87 gsxr 1100
port&polish head
5 angle comp valve job
31mm ss intake
27mm ss exhaust
cam motion cams in-ex
hard welded rockers
manley springs
titanium retainers
ape cylinder studs
ape cylinder nuts
tsubaki cam chain
ape cam chain tensioner
ape sloted cam sprockets
top end oiler
vance&hines drag pipe
mikuni 40mm carbs
k&n indv filters
fast by gast big block O-ringed
wiseco 83mm domed piston kit
carrillo rods
ape preped crank
fast by gast under cut trans
kosman billet oil pan
pingel electric over air air shifter
pingel air compressor
trac 6" over arm
pingel fuel valve
mre lock-up clutch
msd ignition
msd coils
msd wires
msd shift light
fox racing shock
cut forks down 2"
crome rims
ss brake lines front & rear & cluch
air tech 6 over tail
polished frame
avon tires
costom sub frame tray
costom swing arm battery-air bottel tray
led break light
blue head lights
vortex gas cap
oil catch can
vortex clipons
ebc break pads


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You better, its all motor Jimmy1255

But I guess you like the drag race stuff


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Originally posted by KJ1:
Cool somebody's got to represent true old skool, and not comepletly bastardize the bike like me

<font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial">Hey! there *are* oldskool bikes that came OEM with 17" wheels... just no "straight spokes". The list of mods on my ride is *severly* tame by the standards of *this* crew... but when I bought the thing, the way I justified it was "If I get a big bike (1100) then I won't be spending time and money playing around with performance upgrades"... of course, that was *before* the pipe and jet kit and ignition advance... and *now* I'm drooling over the +1mm 11.5:1 pistons and 41mm Keihin FCR's... Ya'all are a *bad* influence! Absolutely incorrigable!

...incorrage me, incorrage me!

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FastCat you know that +1mm isn't going to do it for you, come on 1186
bigger is better

For encouragement, one of the first things I would to to your bike bike is pull off the stock body work, it looks cherry, dial up SharkSkinz and get a set og race body work and cut out your lights, have it piated stock colors, it looks good, is lighter and saves the stock stuf if you ever want to sell the bike., The I would start fiddling with the suspension before I went with the bigbore. imho
course what do I know look what I have done to my bike


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i just started my mods. i dragrace mostly and ride on the street some. here is what i have done so far:

stainless hindle pipe
stage 3 dynojet jet kit w/ pod filters
ignition advancer
web cams w/adjustable cam sprockets
ape springs and titanium retainers
ape cam chain tensioner

future plans are to put a je 1216 piston kit and a little more head work. oh, and 38 rs mikunis!

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here goes.Now stop me if you've heard this one.
1255 piston kit
extensive head work
adams adjustable arm
Rc comp wheels
96 model Tailsection
dyna 4000
shift minder
shift light
shift counter
Race cut trans
cut down seat
channeled and section tank
pingle fuel valve
40mm Lectrons
49 tooth rear sprocket
7" wide slick
slick on front
90 model Forks
Rebuilt shock
onboard compressor
auto shift
V&H sidewinder exhaust
Custom rearsets
thermal wrap on exhaust
Fully polished
2 step
adjustable retard box(FOR N.O.S.)
Dyna coils
Custom Tailight
11000lb tensil chain
front brakes off of a 97 model
braided lines
Pingle switches
Custom gas cap
Top end oiler
74" wheelbase
And alot of other shit I forgot,.... can you modify something until it just isn't even related to where you started?

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Yep, I am pretty sure you can mod something until you won't know what the hell to call it anymore.


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Originally posted by imfreakncrazy:
i put a sticker on my bike. does that count?
<font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial">Yeah, that's more my speed...

Who needs all that HalTech EMS, Mitsubishi Turbo nonsense anyway!

I sure do miss the squid-farm though... has anyone ever *actually* put an F-16 engine in a gixxer?

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I don't know abount an F-16, but I picked up this Mig-29 engine real cheap and got the measuring tape and then....


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ok i know that i wouldn't win this one but stop all the talking and lets see some pictures of these bikes

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well mine is nice but I can't be arsed typing the mods, who gives a shit. It looks good and goes good that's all that I am interested in.


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let's see if I remember everything:
89 750 chassis
every piece of aluminumn polished
frame dissasembled and polished inside and out
89 1100 bodywork painted oem w/ oem(EXPENSIVE!!)decals
3.5&6.0"Performance Machine wheels
PM rotors & calipers
DID 530 Gold chain
Fox shock
'90 1100 engine
1371cc J.E. pistons 13.5:1
pistons gas ported
stock block bored&O-ringed
cases bored
32/28 split rocker head w/ titanium valves
head O-ringed
intakes epoxied
bronze valve seats
combustion chambers reworked
APE guides
APE HD springs
APE titanium retainers
APE case and block studs
APE head nuts
Cam Motion cams
40mm Mikuni's bored to 41.5mm
push-pull throttle
Carrillo rods
crank Magnafluxed and balanced
tranny undercut by FBG
copper head&base gaskets
Dyna 2000
V&H Supersport pipe
Adams 3-9" adj. arm
Katana 600 cable clutch setup
MRE E.O.A. airshifter(hidden pretty good too!)
blocks in forks
homemade dogbones in back
there's more but I can't seem to remember right now.
Oh yeah,it's for sale too..

I have a waterpumper with alot more done to it,but thats another forum!!

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