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Which of these pipes lets the tank run empty? Pics included, can anyone identify the hose?

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Hey all, thanks in advance for the help. Got a '99 750 here, been sitting for 2 years. (premium fuel in it though thankfully).

I wanna get the old fuel and whatever other junk is in there drained out before I fill her up and start her again.

Which one of these hoses do I detach to let the tank run empty? Does anyone know?

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Rear two are breathers/overfill to the cap. Internal pipes.

bottom is your fuel pump, thats what releases fuel….thats what ya detach and pump empty….

Or get a long hose and just syphon the fuel out… no disconnect needed
Yeah… thats not a task for a livingroom you need to be clean in….

But yes, you would disconnect the line circled in green with the blue depress clips. It’ll piss the fuel out of the line and throttle body. Then jump power to leads like twisted explained and itll piss all the fuel it can out of the metal pipe

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your filter is on the other side of that metal plate…. That whole thing is your fuel pump. Unless you are thinking of a mid line filter, and naw, doubt you got one being its FI.

To do what you want, you might as well pull the whole tail plastics off (or yolo and not care if they crack) and remove the tank itself off to get the pump pulled.

Keep in mind if you pull the pump(to access that filter), you will need to replace the fuel pump seating gasket at minimum, and the filter is kinda a bugger to source on the FI pump. Then you will need to fallow the torque pattern and torque it properly when reinstalling… got a 0-20in. Lbs. torque wrench that you trust in your tool kit?

..I’m not sure thats a can of worms you should eagerly open… after all, you are asking how to simply drain fuel…pulling/cleaning/reinstalling the pump might be something to ask a bud to do for you or bite the bullet and take it to a shop.

Get the suzuki factory service manual pdf if you havent already got it. Then read it over pretty good. The FI model pages are the rear most. If all that is cake or simply eager to learn, drive on, we’ll help if able 👍
Here’s a direct link to the manual download:
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#26 on this link is the filter:

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