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Which of these pipes lets the tank run empty? Pics included, can anyone identify the hose?

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Hey all, thanks in advance for the help. Got a '99 750 here, been sitting for 2 years. (premium fuel in it though thankfully).

I wanna get the old fuel and whatever other junk is in there drained out before I fill her up and start her again.

Which one of these hoses do I detach to let the tank run empty? Does anyone know?

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Rear two are breathers/overfill to the cap. Internal pipes.

bottom is your fuel pump, thats what releases fuel….thats what ya detach and pump empty….

Or get a long hose and just syphon the fuel out… no disconnect needed

Thanks, there are 3 in the rear of the tank and one in the front.

Do you mean I detach this one?

If so it looks like it doesn't turn, is it the blue clip like thing you depress? I'm being pedantic because this bike is in my living room and I gotta be ready with a bucket or gardenhose immediately.

PS: I don't wanna siphon because I want to try to get all the particulate matter, dirt, etc. at the bottom of the tank out with it. I want to remove the fuel filter and clean that too, though I don't know where that is yet.

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1 - 2 of 7 Posts