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Where to find factory service manual?

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Where can I get a factory Suzuki service manual for a '88-90 GSX-R750?

All the links posted on this forum (and others) are dead. Ebay seems to have alot of people selling service manuals but none clearly state that is a copy of the original Suzuki manual.
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Have you seen the Haynes for the gsxr??
Stay far far away from them.
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I got two manuals off ebay from a guy who sells several different kinds. One for my 05 Gixxer, and one for my Triumph Rocket. They look like photo copies of the originals and are binded together. Less than have the price of one from Suzuki or Triumph.
His user name is Rifbook. You might look him up on ebay and email him and see if he can or has access to one for you.

Why is the same service manual part number 99500-37056-03e(4) listed for all 1988-1992 GSX-R750s?

Does this mean the service manual should have service bulletins for the updates in 90 and 91?
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