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So recently i bugged The Sradiator about a front fairing and ended up not choosing him the first time. I bought the first one off Flea-bay claiming it was for a 93-95 750. Got it painted and everything to realize it didnt fit because they changed it from 93-94. Expensive lesson and i should have trusted SRAD the first time.... :banghead:banghead

This time i ponied up the extra couple bucks i was trying to save and bought it from The Sradiator. Of course it came packed so secure it took 10 minutes to get it out! The front fairing was in great shape and came within two days of my purchase!:fact He takes the questioning out of buying parts off an unknown seller. Not only that but he has great communication and the best knowledge and will ship the proper parts out! Save yourself some time and deal with him. He has done the research and has great quality parts!

Moral of my mistake....... When you want the right parts the first time around look no further than The Sradiator!

Thanks again man! You will be getting more of my business for my future 93 project!
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