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When, Lean Angle?

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As I sit here thinking about my cornering, which I am comfortable with my ability at the moment...I think about my mental barricade that keeps me from getting lower.

You know...that feeling you get when you think that you are over as far as you can go, yet you are still 6" from dragging...of course lots of things come into play (i.e. speed, body position, throttle control etc)...let's just focus on the lean angle for the sake of this thread.

The biggest thing that holds me back I guess in a question is,

"May/can you add lean angle at ANY point throughout turn?"

I ask this in order for the placebo effect to play a role for one of you to tell me yes and my confidence is pushed further.

I am sure a lot of you have felt this feeling...I do all the feel that once you have that line and your lean set in, you need to stay right where you are throughout the turn.
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I'm not sure about the "less contact patch while leaning" thing. let me explain. traction is finite.we can use all of it for accelerating or braking while vertical but the more we lean the more cornering forces come into we enter a turn we add lean angle and progressively / proportionally release the brakes.on exits as we pick up the bike we progressively/proportionally open the throttle. so I think it has nothing or little to do with contact patch? In fact track/race tires have more contact patch at lean,right?
Thank you for sharing the knowledge guys. :beer:
Typically you run factory recommended pressures for highway/highspeed long runs. You drop a little bit for spirited canyon riding and you drop even more for track days. But there's a limit you cannot pass because ,as Toejam explained , "the tire overheats and becomes greasy and loses traction".

Your best bet is to take some advice from a tire vendor at the track.
I understand that we're going off subject now but given the chance , what's your opinion on Michelin power supersport EVOs for track days ? They are listed as 50/50 road/track tires
1 - 4 of 61 Posts
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