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When, Lean Angle?

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As I sit here thinking about my cornering, which I am comfortable with my ability at the moment...I think about my mental barricade that keeps me from getting lower.

You know...that feeling you get when you think that you are over as far as you can go, yet you are still 6" from dragging...of course lots of things come into play (i.e. speed, body position, throttle control etc)...let's just focus on the lean angle for the sake of this thread.

The biggest thing that holds me back I guess in a question is,

"May/can you add lean angle at ANY point throughout turn?"

I ask this in order for the placebo effect to play a role for one of you to tell me yes and my confidence is pushed further.

I am sure a lot of you have felt this feeling...I do all the feel that once you have that line and your lean set in, you need to stay right where you are throughout the turn.
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You're correct. Loads of variables. But, if you have more lean available, you can add it (decreasing radius turn). It's just a mental block because you don't want to hurt yourself, or damage the bike. Most modern sport bikes will drag the factory foot peg in ideal conditions. It's amazing how low they will actually go, but the lower you go the greater the risk. At 50% lean, you can hit some debris and the bike will slide a little bit and you'll recover. At full lean, that little loss in traction is the end of your day.

And I never have that feeling. Once I set in on a turn, there's usually a lot of adjustment (on the street) to avoid holes, paint, steel access panels, etc.

Try this on a stretch of road you know well. In a lane, there are basically 2 tire grooves. Start your turn on the inside groove, let it run wide to the outside, then back to the inside groove. Basically the reverse of what a racing line would be. Just to prove to yourself it can be done.
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