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so i got so sick and tired of trying to learn to ride wheelies i decided to put my tools to the test because it definatly wasnt happening the old conventional way.
first i went to the plumbing store and got 2 4 foot pipes and some extra pipe for supports.i spent the entire week polishing it so it looked trick.
i then broke out the old welder..
i measured how far apart the forks were so i could make supports between the 2 4footers.
i then went and bought(kinda) the front wheel off a go-ped and the bearing and forks..
i welded the the 4 foot pipe onto the front bars of my gix.then welded the goped forks onto the bottom of my new pipe-forks.and put the wheel on and went for a ride.nice now i can wheelie for miles..all the miles

when im going above 100 you cant really see the wheelie forks i made so it looks like im just riding a wheelie..everyone now thinks im the shit they been calling me the wheelie king.

ill put up pics..everyone should do this should come right after the fenderhack!
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