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Re: wheel ?\'s

I have similar problem with my 86, bend the brake stay arm to clear the tire, caliper may rub on the hub of the wheel, switch to the later larger dia rear brake rotor and caliper mount, or add a mount to the top side of the arm and move the caliper to the top or leave on the bottom and attach a braket and arm to the swingarm and thus do away with the brake arm to the frame. On my 86 a 5.5 rear 17 fits and am working on a 6" I think the chain will just clear the tire on the sprocket side but dont think you can go any bigger than a 180 tire its close. With the above combo the sprocket is out of alignment about 1/8" with the front sprocket but over a 3' distance I dont think its a big problem however the wheel is dead centre in the middle of the frame with this combo.
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