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Alright peeps, I'm having difficulty with removing my rear wheel. I've removed the cotter pin and axle nut, but for some reason am unable to loosen the lock nuts (the 12 mm nuts) on either side. I am turning counter-clockwise but am beginning to strip the nuts - wtf? I've done the whole search thing to make sure that these are threaded normally i.e., righty-tighty lefty-loosey but haven't found anything with regard to that. Checked the manual, of course, and it doesn't specify. Now I realize that the adjusting bolts (size 10 mm) must be turned clockwise so it does make sense that the lock nuts would be oppossite.
The sad/funny thing is I've done this process before when I adjusted my chain a couple thousand miles back with ease:rolleyes
Anyways sprayed some WD on the bolt's threads thinking its stuck thanks to grime. Maybe that'll help after it's soaked.
Give me some input.
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