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Sorry , i asked that question on another forum as well but i would need some answers as soon as possible cause i sent that CDI/ ECU to a company in France which usualy flashes my ECUs and i have to decide quickly if i ask them to modify the fan temperature triggering value from 100° C/ 212° F , to 95° C / 203° F , for track use , as they are closing for about a month on the 6th of August ( at least the guy takinh care of the ECUs flashing and Dynojet bench + flashing , will be gone until the 6th of September or so !) .

I bought another CDI for my 2018 GSX-R 1000R , in UK and the ECU of that CDI has been flashed by MSG Racing in London UK ( whereas i live in France near Paris ) , to activate / deactivate some things , change some values and remap it to work correctly with an Akrapovic Full Exhaust Racing System i plan to have installed on my bike. .
i bought this CDI to swap with my original one ( to keep mine stock or slightly updated ) for when i'll ride the bike on track and i have a question about the temperature to choose , to trigger the fan, cause i got two different fan triggering temperature advises from two different pro companies .

the Standard triggering temperature chosen by Suzuki on those bikes for road use is 105° Celsius /221° Fahrenheit ( at least for the ones imported to France and maybe also in Europe ) but MSG Racing advised to set the temperature to 100° Celsius / 212° Fahrenheit.
They seem to be specialized on Suzuki bikes ( although they work on most other well known bike brands ) , they have a Racing team for the last 20 years and told me they flashed about 170 CDI/ ECU for these 2017 and on GSX-R 1000 / 1000 R .

They have customers Racing in UK where the weather is not particularly hot but they also have some who go Racing on circuits / tracks in Spain for example , where the weather can be much hotter ; especialy during summer !
I saw the Dynojet UK website , specifies to go to MSG Racing in London , for all things related to Dynojet / Dyno bench , as MSG Racing has a Dynojet bench ( i think they even have 2 of them if i remember what they told me ).

Usualy , i send the CDI / ECU of my bikes , when i need to have them flashed ( like for 2012-2016 GSX-R 750 and 1000 or 2017 ZX-10R ) to a well known company in the south of France ( NR Bike ) which also has a Dynojet bench and is used to flash ECUs for customers who are going on tracks / Racing and bring them their bikes to put on the Dyno bench for reprog and also all those who can't bring them their bike but send them their CDI to have the ECU flashed for a particular setup on their bikes .

So they do the same type of things as MSG Racing ( on top of being an Aprilia dealer in the south of France for = ) , although i don't know if they also have an official Racing team but the guy who works on their Dynojet bench in that company in France and who flashes the ECUs of the CDIs people send them for a reprog / flashing / remap , is going Racing quite a lot on different circuits .
They seem to be doing all that since 2011 , so their company is not as old as MSG Racing ( and they are not specialized in Suzuki Racing bikes unlike MSG Racing but NR Bike is more soecialized in Italian Racing bikes, although they also work on most well known brands ) but they have some experience with all that as well .

The guy who is taking care of all those things at NR Bike , advises to setup the fan triggering temperature on the 2017 and on GSX-R 1000 /1000 R , to 95° Celsius /203° Fahrenheit .
I live near Paris , so the temperature is a bit hotter than in London , especialy in summer , although i might go to some other circuits in different parts of France , so i don't know which temperature to choose between the 100° C / 212 ° F recommanded by MSG or the 95° C /203° F , recommanded by NR Bike for track use as well ?

Any advices about that ?

Are there any advantages and / or disadvantages to choose 95° Celsius /203° Fahrenheit , over 100° Celsius / 212° Fahrenheit when using that 2018 GSX-R 1000 R on tracks ?

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Here is an article about MSG Racing UK , which seems to be involved in Racing since 2002 and from what i read , i suppose they know what they talk about , especialy as they are specialized in Suzuki Racing bikes , especialy the GSX-R !

" MSG Racing formed as a race team in 2002, alongside Gavin Reed’s then-small motorcycle repair business, working from home since 1999.

From national club racing to British Superbikes as well as racing in Spain, Gavin set out to help chosen riders on the way to achieve their racing dream, leading to over 50 club championships and some of the lads moving on to British Superbikes and the Isle of Man TT.

Today’s riders are all established MSG-supported riders and have been working with the team for several seasons now. All three are racing the latest model Suzuki GSX-R 1000 machines prepared and maintained by MSG Racing. For 2021, we have Chris Curtis, Sam Osborne and Will Harper in the 1000cc GP1 class with Thundersport GB."

From what i read in this article , MSG Racing seems to know what they talk about !

That said , NR Bike in France , which also has a Dynojet Bench and who flashes / reprog many ECUs , of differents Racing bikes models from different manufacturers ( although being specialized in Italian Racing bikes and also being an Aprilia official dealer ) , doesn't agree about the 100° C /213° F Fan triggering temperature and recommand 95° C /203° F !
So , why don't they agree ? Lol
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