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I loved mine.... but....

The TLR to me doesnt make a good daily rider in traffic.

Maybe Im a sissy... but the cylinder head between my legs used to COOK my inner thighs during stop and go traffic.

I cant speak for the TLS

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Just passing by and was checking out the place...

I've had mine now for about 18 mos. I've logged about 8700 miles on it. Here's my take on it.

1. The feel of the bike is beyond description.
2. The sound is unlike any other. The RC51 comes close, but it's not as raw as the TLR.
3. The handling is something that a n00b should never trifle with. If you fuck with it, it will chuck you. I've had some close calls on bumpy corners. I've been lucky
4. The thrill of the acceleration is unlike anything a GSXR can give you. While the GSXR has all the refinement of a modern sportbike, more HP, better handling, IMO they lack the depth of a TLR/S They lack the brute character where if your skill level is minimal, the TL will tell your ass to GTFO. However, if you trust her, and don't fight her then you become in a sense all alone on the road. You, the bike, and the curves. Nothing else matters. I fell in love with the TLR the moment I spied it from about 7 blocks away while I was at work. I saw what I thought was an SRAD with a very custom exhaust. I did some searching on google, and learned about the TLR. 2 years later, I found that same bike for sale (3 miles from where I originally saw it years earlier)
If you buy a TLR, be prepared to empty your wallet. Frequently. I'm in my TLR about 6k in the cost of buying it, tires, oil, upgrades, small custom pieces, replacement bits (OEM nose, and tail, all new OEM) brakes, etc.

4 months after I got it, I saw a news story of a kid, 17, his parents bought him a 2001 TLR, exactly the same as mine. He had the bike for 2 days. Somehow he was killed on it on his way to high school. WORST first bike EVER. The TLR is not a bike for n00bs.
Oh and if you get one, don't ever plan on sitting in a traffic jam.

You'll find out in about 2 minutes of sitting in gridlock...TLR stands for


This is mine.
A lot of truth here.

I have over 100K miles on TLR seats. All quirks have a solution. "When there is a will, there is a way" and the bike has been around for a will you will find the answer to it on or

As an example, the T.L.R. (Testicles Lightly Roasted) Cure:

As much as any other old bike, take care of it, and she'll take care of you:


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That little bit of carbon cured T.L.R.?!?!

That was one of my main reasons for selling it!! Lol!

In stop and go traffic... it was truly painful!!
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