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What material is this???

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what type of metal(s) is the subframe for the 04 6/750 made out of....i have a very clean break on my Left(clutch-side) subframe that i was tols can possibly be welded not in the least bit worried how it will look.... there isnt a whole lot of support on the frames anyways is there....its mainly a seat rail that supports the rider correct?...i only street ride so its not like im going at track type speeds here....pls help anyone???
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It's just aluminum, take it to a good welder and it shouldn't be a problem.
You are correct in that it's just a rider perch, and place for all that crap under your seat.
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I broke off one of those nubs on the frame that hold the foot peg braket. I took it to a motorcycle repair shop and the guy tig welded the piece back on. So far so good, it is now attached probally stronger than before. Just find someone that can tig weld well and it should be fine. Good luck.
ok thanks guys...i was considering buying a whole new left side from ron ayers for $210....but i think this will be far cheaper.....
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