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what is the biggest tire i canrun

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i need to know if there is alot of difference in the actule tire size 180-55-17 between brands ? i had michelin's on my 92 and it fit fine whan i replaced it with the same size dunlop it dident fit so well it rubbed my chain or my brake arm. so is there alot of difforence in all the brands or was that just a fluke thing ? to be on the safe side i went bacl to thestock size 170-60-17 d207 but i dont feel as comfortable on the smaller tire what can i do?
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There can be diffrences in tyre sizes with diffrent manufactures. I heard it can be upto 20mm sometimes! (true or not-i don't know)

My 91 750 has got a 180 55 17 on it. It should have a 170 as standard. Aparently they handle better with a 170 tyre on. Dont know about 1100's though.
I have a Metzeler 180/55R17 stuffed under the rear of my '86 and I have about 1/4 inch clearance on the chain and brake arm. I am kinda happy with the way it "slowed down" the turning. I felt the bike was a little too quick to lay over with the stock size tires and mine didn't have the traction to handle it. Rolling onto the gas mid turn in second and having the rear end start to come loose is scary.

Whatever you do, be careful with going to oversized radial tires. The sidewalls of the radials are designed to be the right shape/stiffness only on certain sized rims... check the tire for what size rim it will work on, a 180 radial on a 2.75" wheel is not a good idea, it won't have the right shape and may do weird things to the handling of the bike, especially when leaned way over.
man, if you can get a 180 to fit a 2.75" rim, you should get the nobel peace prize or something.
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well to be honest im not sure what size my rear rim is but i know its bigger then 2.75" . so what you guys are saying is that the 180 should fit?
your '92 has a 5.5" rear rim....a nominal 180 should be fine, but actual widths can and do vary between different brands and models of tire.....
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