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WHAT COULD IT BE !! 98’ gixxer 600 needs backup, I repeat

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See if y’all can solve me this:
Cleaned carbs.. great.
the FLOOD began. Initial thoughts. Needle seat o rings? Needle seats didn’t “click” when I forcefully pressed em back in...ok
Didn’t adjust my floats at all. Could be it... BUT leaning towards other things BECAUSE— it hydrolocked, I removed plugs, flushed it out etc. no internal damage because it ran like a gem when I started it up again. IT RAN WELL WITH THE PETCOCK OFF. I TURN IT ON WHILE ITS ON... Boom flooded bogs out. Probably would hydrolock again!
what do you guys/gals think??
I won’t give up until this thing runs well.
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Petrol tap\petcock, replace or fit new kit to it.
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Keep in mind that this model has a fuel pump built into the bottom of the gas tank. That adds another element to the simple broken petcock problem. What do you think?
Well aware of pump fitment ( own 3 srads ). If the petcock is working no fuel can flow when not running or being turned over. If the petcock allows too much fuel in it floods\hydro locks etc. Petcock is a cheap fix\ or check its functioning properly.
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Petcock works on vacuum, there should be no on off.
" This may show my lack of experience but wouldn’t the float needles be able to counteract the excess fuel"
If its flooding nothing is going to stop it? as per your first comment.
Investigate issue and repair as required.
I attached a link to the exact one I am using on my bike. Pretty sure it’s For a f$&king lawn mower. Here it is : View attachment 573861
Cheap&nasty, does not belong on your bike. Will cause you problems. Twistedmister is also very knowledgeable on srads.
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The thicker pipe on the side goes to the carbs ( fuel feed ), the thinner one at the bottom is the vacuum pipe that goes to a nipple on the back of the engine ( centre just below carbs ).
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Pics should help with position of pipe.


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Center of carbs, black connector tube ( push pipe onto).
The petcock sits just below the fuel pump, correct? The placement is foreign to me since I’m used to the aftermarket junk
Yes, when you fit your new petcock you will only have two, main fuel line and vacuum. Fit new pipes.
The petcock does not control the amount of fuel in the float bowl, that is a function of the float and fuel jet/needle assembly, the only thing a faulty petcock should affect is a lack of fuel even making it to the carbs.
Think Toilet if you cistern is overflowing would the problem be the mains water pressure (constant) or the ballcock (variable)?
If you know for sure you have properly adjusted floats and correctly functioning fuel jets & needles, then the fuel is being supplied to the carbs at pressures so great as to overwhelm them, in that case check the fuel pressure from the pump
If the petcock is stuck open,partially or fully then the fuel is free flowing. It should only be drawn on vacuum from cranking the engine. So the fuel ( free flowing ) has to go somewhere ?
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