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what are the rules for TT racing in the 600 class

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I would like to run my 600cc bike next yr. im still doing test and tune for now. I will have another bike by next yr as a back-up. My motor is 599cc still but almost every part is for racing. from the cams to the out put shaft on the trans. also if i do this race next yr. what do I need. i havent raced before. done alot of track days and will be going to the superbike school sometime this summer. Im a student at MMI so i can maybe one day get into a team as a tech. but i want to be able to race my bike on a road coarse like the TT. i hear its the only ay to go nuts on the street. if you guys go again next yr remember you might have another GIXXER.COM member with ya. im not saying ill win a race but i will have fun and get to race with the best.
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It's a 37.73 mile course remember! Will take a few visits to learn it I think.
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