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Hi I am a member of another sportbike website, but I have visited this site and a few other sites a few times, and I thought it would be cool to get together some of the riders from the Western Washington area for a big group ride to Mt. Rainier on July 23rd. I am going to post this event on other sites also that I know about to reach as many riders as I can.

I posted this early to give everyone a heads up on my intentions for this ride, and I want to give you time to plan ahead.
And as we come closer to the ride date, I will give you an Idea on where to meet up and how many riders have committed to the ride to Mt. Rainier.

My plains so far is to meet up at the Tacoma Mall for the riders in the south sound area, and at RMC for the riders in the North, then we can all meet up at a central location and ride out from there.

When we arrive at the Rainier, I would like for us to eat lunch at the restaurant there on the Mt., fellowship and hopefully meet new riders.
If I have enough people committed for this I will call and reserve a section for us, and see if we could at least get free drinks being that we will be in a large group.

I am just throwing the idea out at all our riders now to see if anyone is up for something like this. If you are up for this ride let me know. And also send me an email so I can shoot out a email to everyone about 2 weeks out as an reminder of the event. And give out more details my email address is ([email protected] )

I hope to have a huge turnout. And I am also open for ideals you can email them to me, and I will come up with something and find someone to work with me in the Seattle area to help things work out smoothly.

If I see there could be a good turnout I will post the prospected rout which is subject to change to anyone with better ideas.

Also I hope to have flyers posted up at some local bike shops to get the word out to others.
Thanks. Please let me know if you are up for this ride

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Hey this ride is looking better every week. I can not say for sure how many people have agreed to ride with me, but the replies has been good. See I am working in Kuwait and my Vacation is in July, that is why I posted the ride for that weekend.
Thank you for the reply, and I will contact you 2 weeks before the ride, for more details. I think it will be a nice gathering. I want this to work out for us, and have a good time
Thanks again.

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RIDING Guidelines

I am posting this for the people who do not contact me, and will just show up at the ride. I ask to be contacted So I will know how many people to make the reservations for. Where ever we dine at. And also to send reminder emails, and updates.

What better way is there to bring together riders from Western Washington, than a fun, safe, beautiful ride to Mt. Raininer?

I found these guidelines on another site, and these are the guidelines we will follow, on our July 23rd ride to Mt. Rainier. I agree with this 100%. To ensure everyone is on the same sheet of music I ask that at some point you go over these guidelines before our ride.

NO PENIS WAVING!!! (aka: ride your own ride)

* If you're new to group riding, don't try and be at the front of the pack and ride above your abilities... start back... and if you find yourself riding beneath your abilities, move up... don't endanger others by attempting to keep up with others above your ability.

I Will:
* lecture everyone pre-ride.
* look at every ones tires
* explain the route or leg
* go over the hand sings you will be using [as the designated ride leader]
* take the head count
* give the ride your own pace lecture 2 min max
* at the first stop make sure every one is there [so if they fall I will know it right away]
* stop at every turn off so no one gets lost, If there is no one there ride on
* assign some one to the back, one to watch the back
* ask every one to give the ok sign when you stop, and before we leave a stop
* take brakes to fuel to peepee to eat, to rest.

* stunting on group rides. If you're going to do it, fine. Just about all of us do it at one time or another. But don't be stupid about it. If we're all sitting at a stop light, and you're two feet away from the person in front of you, don't try and burn out if you can't don't know how. IE, keep that irresponsible shit away from the rest of the group. To those that exercise common sense and think about other people’s safety, THANK YOU!

* break up in groups, and have designated "rally points".
* Stop and wait for the other/slower groups at every major turn along the way.
* Also, those of us that have communicators should start bringing them with you on rides.

1st RULE: You do not talk about DRAMA.
2nd RULE: You DO NOT talk about DRAMA.
3rd RULE: If someone says "stop" or goes limp, taps out the ride is over for them.
4th RULE: Only two back markers to a ride.
5th RULE: One Ride leader only.
6th RULE: No shirts, no shoes = a SQUID
7th RULE: RIDES will go on as long as they have to.
8th RULE: If the pace is for any reason too fast let the ride leader know.

* hold your line
*don't be sketchy

Hand Signals:
* ride single file and keep 100 feet to the rider in front of you. This is only done after the lead rider gives the hand signal to run single file. Vertical hand tap on top of the helmet.

* tap on the helmet, to let other's know that a cop is up ahead or near.

* When in twisties give at least 100 feet between you and the rider ahead of you.
* No stunts while in the pack take it to the next lane or couple lanes over.
* Don’t do a stunt unless you are good at it, no learning while on a group ride.
* ALWAYS! and I mean always listen to the ride leader. (person that posted the ride unless that person has designated someone else)
* Always ride in staggered formation unless the Mohawk signal has been given.
* Staggered formation does not mean riding right on the side of another rider unless he has given you permission to ride next to him. Or you know him well enough that he wont punch you in the throat.
* If you are going to pass make sure you have eye contact AND are ok'd by the rider whether by a hand signal or whatever is an obvious gesture..

* Pat Head for Cop
* Push the Ground down to slow down
* Mohawk on the helmet for single file
* Hand in fist by head for right hand turn
* Finger pointing at ground for debris in road
* Pointing with your leg is also a sufficient signal for debris.

* When slabbing point at exit sign
* hand high and straight in the air pointing index means your goin
* flash high beam to pass right only
* wave by to know that passee has seen passer
* all five fingers pointed at the ground wiggling=squid= dangerous
* Use straight left arm for turning left.
* Point diagonally towards the ground when changing lanes to the left.
* Use the same signal for both right turns and right lane changes.
Always signal before a pass or turn, hands or lights,

* we use "pat on head" for da 5-0 and "the circle pattern in air" for turn the f around

Things to do before the ride
Inspect Bike, the day before and the day after ride.
Fix any problems with your bike that may be a hazard to your riding and others
Get good rest

The things to bring on the ride… *suggested
Communication devices,
Money for Fuel and food, and to enter the Park. Park fee is $10.00 (at the most)
Cell Phone for emergences...
Tools for minor repair, and adjustments...
water or Gatorade it may be hot...
Reflective belt incase we are out pass sunset, (I doubt it) *It is up to you

Your Riding Gear
Full leathers if you have them.
Helmet, leather gloves, Jacket (leather or textile)
Riding shoes or boots…
Tinted, mirror, or clear visors (We should be back before dark) consider your ride home, will it get dark then?

I prefer riders to ride one up, because of the mountain twisties, but it is up to you.
*****NOTE**** on some places on the mountain roads there are no guard rails.

I will do my best to make a strip map for everyone even if I have to do a dry run before our ride. I am now working on getting us a discount at a restaurant on or around the Mountain. I am doing all this from overseas, my vacation to WA is on the week of July 23rd that is why I set this ride for then, but I will do my best on the organizing this ride, to make it one Kick Butt ride.

The road we will ride on are twisties, maybe some sweepers, and straights, on back roads. Good road conditions

The number of riders are looking very good. I am excited about this, if it goes well maybe I can start another one next year, with a different location. We will see how this one goes first.

If there are any suggesting please email them to me…. Thanks

Thanks to Smokee from Issaquah WA for these guide lines
Edited by Me…. to be specific for our ride
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