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Hello and Welcome to the K6/K7 600cc and 750cc FAQ and DIY thread. This thread is intended to get users off to a good start by putting information, both basic and advanced, at one easy to find location. The thread includes links to Suzuki specifications pages, picture threads, popular modifications and even some basic riding informaiton. Please read the links below before you get started off in the forum and remember to use the search function if you don't see what you're looking for.

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-Forum etiquette for new members
-New Owners
-Good Help, Advice, and Beginer Information
-Reminders of Why We Crash
-Get your Red R here

Suzuki's Official Specs:
-K6 600 - K6 750
-K7 600 - K7 750

Picture threads:
-General K6 pictures: [1] [2]
-Silver and White
-Blue and Whilte
-Black and Red
-Black and Silver (Black and Grey)
-Black and Maroon
-Black and Yellow
-All Black
-Black and Blue
-Red and White

Race Prep/Track Setup:
-Clutch Switch
-Geometry and Suspention
-Race Body Work


-Exhaust Picture threads [1] [2] [3] <-- #3 is the most up to date :thumbup:
-Sound Clip Thread
-How to modify/shorten Yoshimura TRC can

Mud Flap/Rear Fender:
-Free/home made methods

Power Commander
-Button Advice

R1 throttle tube:
-DIY with Pictures

-Swapping Grips

-Pazzo v. CRG
-Pazzo Install
-Lever length advice

-Gilles v. Sato: [1] [2]

Frame Protection:
-Sliders and crash protectors
-Race Railz
-Race Railz Install

Bar ends:
-Weighted Bar weights

-Removal with pictures
-Dyno before and after removal
How to properly adjust the SET valve for smooter performance

Air Filters:
-BMC Race debate

GP Shift Pattern:
-How-to with pictures

-PIAA light in Race Glass

-Changing Spark Plugs
Dealer mode for FI light

Bleeding brakes.......
I purchased some tubing from home depot and some t connectors for water sprinklers. attatched the tubing with the t's so that all were conected at the bleeders, even the master then used a clip to hold the remaining open end of the hose on the res. opened all bleeders then pumped away. brakes were perfectly bled in 5 min. only cost like 3 dollars the clear hose realy helped with seeing the bubbles. and it recycled the fluid (I used all new fluid) so no mess to clean. it was best 3 dollars I ever spent. And my brakes have never been stronger.

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Exhaust Picture Threads [3] is leading to an invalid link. I've not had a look at the other two yet, or for the correct link. I'll be back on later and if no-one's updated will try to find it.

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I just recently purchased a 2006 gsxr 600 used but in great shape this is my seventh gsxr but the newest model ive owned to date. Ive recently done all the little stuff: tre, exhaust, bmc filter etc however i just decided to purchase the dobrek electronic jet kit as i have mixed feeling about various efi devices ive used in the past. I was wondering if any of u have experience with this unit or suggested settings etc. regardless once i instal and begin to play around with it i will update with my opinion on the unit as well as more specific mods and settings that ive used , but anyone with experience here, id appreciate ur personal feedback thanks!!!
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