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Weird high pitch noise

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Can anyone help, got a GSXR600 SRAD 2000

Put a new battery on last weekend. Me and Dad went out for a nice long ride this morning, stopped the bike and heard this really high pitch noise. Anyone know what it is or what it could be..??

Thanks in advance

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When did you first hear it\ever before. Any alarms or immobilsers fitted or unused.
When did you first hear it\ever before. Any alarms or immobilsers fitted or unused.
Thanks for the reply. Well few weeks ago I went to aldeburgh, switched the bike off and heard the noise. Walked away from it. When I got back to the bike after having some food, flat battery. So I had to bump it. Got home and got battery off. Was completely dead! Didn’t charge at all. Got new battery and then today took it out and it’s doing this noise again...? Unsure about alarms or anything fitted...
Check the whole harness for an alarm or immobiliser. My imobiliser makes a very similar noise. Find out where the noise is coming from, it is most likely the cause of your draining battery too.
Check under the rear seat cover as it sounds as if it is coming from there. And the most likely place for one to be fitted.
lol, my Busa does something similar to this, cali version, I think someone replaced the tank lid with something funny cuz the red nipple that you see when you open the lid is gone, my tank cannot vent properly so it vents out the lid and makes a this like noise, not so beeeb, more whistle but in that range for sure only when it's hot like its hot outside or the bike gets hot and pressure develops in the tank, I need to go over it...

someone may have tried to block off the charcoal canister and did some funkness, gotta go through it..

open your tank lid see if it stops
My '06 Busa had a similar issue, turned out the rectifier was going bad. Had a really really bad whine after a long-ish ride, and the battery was dying. Exact same symptoms. My money is replace the rectifier (it should be a simple unplug the old, plug in the new) and the whine should be gone.
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