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I've read through several threads on this forum and others and not once did this come up so I figured I'd post here as a warning to anyone who is rebuilding a water pump on a K6/K7 GSXR 600 in hopes that it saves you from the annoying hassle and a week without your bike.

When you are buying all the seals for the water pump rebuild DO NOT USE OIL SEAL 09283-10004. This oil seal is the listed shaft seal for 06-07 GSXR 600's on all of the OEM part re-sellers websites that I checked (motosport, bike bandit, rocky mountain atv). It is the wrong outer diameter (too small) and will not seal correctly resulting in oil passing the seal and quickly draining through a hole in the pump housing in between the shaft oil seal and the mechanical coolant seal.

The correct oil seal is 17461-01H00.

Long story short I ignorantly installed the seal thinking it was supposed to be that way and it took me a long time before I figured out this was the problem. Since there are so many threads discussing the o-ring sealing issues and the RTV method of sealing the water pump to the crank case I originally was convinced the o ring was the issue. I have yet to bolt the water pump back in so who knows if it will leak or not, but the oil seal will definitely not be the issue as the correct seal fits very snugly. I called up motosport and asked if they would send out the correct oil seal and another mechanical seal (since I would have to destroy it to get the oil seal out) for free and they did which was very honorable of them. However it is still listing the incorrect part number on their website so the issue still remains.

Anyways hopefully this saves at least one other person the hassle.

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