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Water pump fix gone WRONG impeller ground down

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Hey guys,

I'm new to this forum (hope I'm posting in the right place) and I don't know where else to turn to for this issue. I had a small oil leak form the water pump and followed SuperMotoRuss tutorial (which worked perfect besides my f*ck up).

When I was putting the water pump back together it turns out I forgot to replace the bolt that holds in the impeller (see picture 2). After a quick test ride (~1 mile) it leaked coolant everywhere and I took it back apart and discovered the missing bolt. See the second picture for the damage this caused.

I have no clue what to do. The water pump appears to still work because since putting everything back together properly, the bike temp stays normal. However, I am very worried about the metal shavings that came off from the impeller. Looks like about 1/16" was ground down. I'm not exactly sure how the water pump works. Would this stay in the coolant system or would the shavings go into the engine oil and cause more damage?

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.



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I'd just laugh it off. The only thing that really moves in the cooling circuit is the pump. Beyond that, the thermostat and cap move a bit. The only one you'd have to worry about is the cap. As long as it doesn't overheat, those shavings are going to eventually settle in the low spots. As long as they don't clump together and clog something, but I seriously doubt that would ever happen.
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