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WalMart Super Tech Full Synthetic JASO oil?

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WalMart branded: Super Tech oil?

Anyone Run this?
States Full Syn. JASO oil- as in for wet clutch motors.

Any Pro's or Con's?
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I was at Wally world today getting my Truck, my SUV, and my Gixxer oil.

They only had 3 Qts. of the Mobil 1, so I got 1 of the SpuerTech ones too.
For $1.55 difference, I went with Mobil 1. Who knows, maybe the ST is the same thing- rebranded?
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I'm old enough to remeber when I could to an entire oil and filter change myself on my truck/car for about $10! Now it donesn't even get me a quart of the JASO oil!
And- for so many years, I always used the regular car oil for my motorcycles too- not a special 'wet clutch/high rpm oil'. Never blew a motor Never had a clutch slip. ?
I run Supertech full syn in my vehicles ever since they hiked the price of Rotella after it got popular. No issues.
Be nice to know whose oil they are rebranding? I guess it's possible they have their own oil refined just for them and put their name on it too!
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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