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Hi everyone

I hope everyone is well.

I am hoping that someone can guide me into the right direction and hopefully shed some light onto my problem that I am facing.

My GSXR 750 2007 has been loosing Power to the point that I have had to push my Bike Home twice.

I have since Bought two new Batteries, the latest being a Shido one and also replaced the Stator and the Rectifier.

The problem was still there and I was only able to ride the Bike for around 20-30 Minutes until the Voltage was critically low.

I booked the Bike in at a Motorbike Garage and dropped it off there using my Luton Van.

The inspection had cost me £25 and I was informed that my Rectifier needed replacing as the one that I had originally bought from ebay was of low quality.

I therefore went ahead and bought an OEM Genuine Rectifier and installed it, took the Bike for a Ride and charged the Battery to 13V which unfortunately had dropped to 9V after Riding around my Neighbourhood for a while.

My next guess would be that maybe the cheap ebay Stator is to blame and that I might try and replace it with a Genuine Suzuki one ?

Or could it be my Power Commander to blame perhaps ?

What do you guys think ?

Thank you to everyone who read and commented, I appreciate all of your help to try and get me back onto the Road of riding Motorbikes :)

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+1 to doing tests, instead of blindly replacing parts. If the initial parts were OEM and were replaced with cheap replacements from eBay the original parts might still be fine and would be preferable to the replacements, even if they're older. If the original parts were also aftermarket, going OEM would likely be better.

In any case, I doubt any of this will solve your problems, unless you troubleshoot this methodically.

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If you replace the wrong part in the charging system, it will fuck up. The attitude of replacing charging parts one by one with rides in between is foolhardy. Test the batt voltage. Test the R/R output. Test the Stator output. A bad battery caused by a bad R/R caused by a bad Stator means that replacing the battery is only an extremely temporary fix.

The shop should have known to test all three. Obviously, they did not. Time to get a new shop.
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