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Looking for some input. I have an 03 purple with the crazy sticker under the clearcoat on the tank. The color has kind of grown on me over the last year, but I can't say I really "love it" and that decal just looks out of place to me. The rear fender on my bike is a little rough in some spots and there are some scratches on the tank, I want to do something but I don't know what to do. I'm on a shoestring budget for projects and I like the flat or satin black look.

I've looked at spray can applications, I have access to a spray gun but no experience using it, I've considered using a bedliner product from a can or rollon (kinda like this guy did on his fairing but thinned out so it isnt so bumpy)

more like you see in this blog where he used the duplicolor

and now stumbled on vinyl wrapping.

I don't want the bike to look worse when I'm finished especially with a semi-permanent bedliner material and that is what appealed to me about the vinyl. If it looks like crap I can peel it off.

Has anybody used vinyl wrap on their bike? How difficult is it to work with and maintain and will it look as good as if I tried to paint it myself?
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