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Videos: Headlight brightens and dimms-charging system test

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Hey can someone help me, i had an issue with my headlight?

Headlight randomly brightens and dimms. You can see on the video i took…

At iddle, it dimms and if i rev, it brightens. But also brightens and dimms randomly (not only if i rev), you can see that also on the video.

When im driving i.e. at 4 gear at constant 4k rpm, it randomly dimms and then brightens again all the time and its so annoying for those in front of me…( like i am blinking with long light)

This is happening only when the bike is warm. (At least 70-75c). It is working normaly on start till bike warms up, then the issue appears.

Maybe the problem would be a faulty regulator / rectifier ?! I want to be sure and then buy the new reg rect. Any idea how to test and inspect? Maybe battery check at constant rpms?
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charging system, inspect it and test it out, pretty easy with a multimeter, parts store for $20, fairly easy testing, you have the service manual? if not youtube can walk you through it, maybe remove the tailpiece then feel around when it's doing it, wires, R/R, stator cover so forth see if something is hot, best to check the stator output make sure it's not putting out way too much.. easy enough.. if you're lucky it might be simple as a battery going out?
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the video first start, the reading should be a 14.5+ when idling, you are reading 13.5 ish, low there..

and what about that battery? how old is it and what is it?

you should run Yuasa only, AGM.. very important here.. maintenance free, they are a bit more, $85.00 usd or so but it's what the bike wants, you are dropping to low 11v with key on which tells me its not got a lot of good solid cold cranking amps, inexpensive batteries can strain charging systems as well, best to go with the stock AGM Yuasa..

then if you want to do yourself a favor and beef her up and smooth her out more a Ricks stator and a Roadstercycle mosfet R/R and a direct to battery mod with the inline circuit breaker, this way she get to hot or puts out too much as we see here the breaker will flip till its cooled down and back to spec, won't harm any components.. if your stock stator specs out its good, they are decent stators I spose? but mosfet is best if it doesn't have one already, the inline circuit breaker is nice too..
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did you order good yuasa AGM maintenance free?
This morning i tested a year old battery, agm, like bike wants (FT12A-BS 12 V 36.0 kC (10 Ah)/10 HR)
from another k9 1000 which works perfectly on that bike. On my bike, charging problem is there again.

So, why do i need to order a good yuasa AGM maintenance free now?

these bikes just seem to like them the best, avoid charging issues
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