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upgrading my brakes

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i've got the stock brakes on my 2001 gsxr 1000 (with ebc HH pads) and wanted to upgrade them.. rotors calipers etc...

I was wondering if I could upgrade everything to the same specs as the 06 gixxers or something. I'm not really familiar with all this so what do you guys recommend?

Any links or reading material is appreciated

thanks. :cheers
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the front end of the newer gen gixxers will bolt right in there, so you'll get stiffer forks, radial calipers, ect. Then just get some good steel brake lines. Unless you're railing it on the track, rotors won't be too much benefit to you but will be very costly.

Another option is to leave the forks you have, but just upgrade your master cylinder and brake lines in addition to your EBC pads. Check out or any of the sponsors of this site for some good deals or recommendations for your application. This would probably give you the best bang for your buck.
I didn't plan on upgrading the forks, as thats probably alot of extra cash right... I heard ss lines were worth it though.

Are there any kits to just upgrade the master cylinder and brake lines?
Here ya go, all the stopping power you could ever want:

calipers -

master -

rotors -

All for only $7048.00 not including brake lines or pads.:D
lol, thats alot of money :p

my budget is like 500$ lol
smack21 said:
lol, thats alot of money :p

my budget is like 500$ lol
Just upgrade you brake lines to stainless steel (goodrich is fine) and get yourself some Vesrah RJL pads. If that is still not enough, then upgrade your master to a Brembo radial master (about $350).
smack21 said:
lol, thats alot of money :p

my budget is like 500$ lol

If you poke around long enough on eBay you'll be able to find a full K3-K6 front end (forks, triples, and brake system) for right about $500-600. I've seen plenty.

You'll have updated forks as well as radial mount calipers and radial master cylinder.

The only thing you will need are possibly spacers to properly fit the front wheel and caliper spacers since the K2 1000 has 320mm rotors and the K5/6 use 310 and the K3/4 use 300.

Short of that I would get the following:
Vesrah SRJL pads - $150
SS brake lines - $100
Brembo 19x20 master cylinder (should work better with the K2's 6 pot calipers) - $250-260

So that will run right about $500 and get you much better braking for sure.
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why do u thing u need to upgrade??
if your just going from point A to point B, what you have stock is great..
if you do some high speed riding, then you "may" need to up grade.

i have ebc hh pads and their pro lite rotors, with gafer ss sure its a more better system, but to tell you the truth....cant feel anything differant..
I had money kicking arround and didn't feel like blowing it at the strip joint so I figured... :p
depending on your riding skills, these mod's could mean the differance between life and death..i mean these are the minimal mod's done to a bike that see's competition..
I don't understand why everyone is recommending a new front end with all the complaints about the suspension travel etc. with them?!!?

You have plenty of potential with your system for great braking. I have your calipers, brembo 18x20, HH pads, EBC prolite rotors, and SS lines. If a bug hits the brake lever I will go over the bars!!

On my 600 track bike I have the stock calipers, Brembo full floaters, RJL pads, '04 R1 radial master (brembo), and SS lines. This puts the system above described on my streetbike to shame!!!

Keep your stock calipers, HH pads, get stainless lines, and a MC to start. Use Motul or similiar fluid.
which Motul fluid is the "good stuff" i've heard there is one type that you shouldn't get?.... for a street/track bike
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i'm using motul dot 5.1 $7 per "pint"..
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