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Good afternoon everyone; I'm new to the forum and have signed up in the hope some experienced gixxer owners would be able to help me!

I've been riding road bikes for around 2 years now, and last Sept I bought myself a GSX-R 750 slingshot - it's a 1991 (M) version I believe.

I bought the bike to do up over the winter, so I could ride it this spring - but I'm having real problems getting some bits I need!

The last owner dropped it whilst moving it, and as such created a bit of cosmetic damage. I've sorted most of it now, but for the life of me can't find a replacement windscreen or wing mirror for the bike!

I've scoured ebay, breakers yards and even spoken to my local suzuki dealer - becuase the bike is an import they couldn't locate the specific parts as the chassis number didnt register!

If any of you could direct me as to where I might be able to find the bits I need, it would be really appreciated?

Thanks in advance for your replies!
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