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Posted on behalf of one of the blokes who is running the campaign....... please do your best to spread the word. Cheers Gaz

If it wasn’t for the forums this campaign would never got off the ground, so thanks to everyone that has done their bit for the killspills campaign. (if you don’t know what Im talking about see the website

Its now time for your help ones more. As you might know we went to Fast Bikes last week, and as a result Fast Bikes are helping us to get votes for when we go to No10. We have now set up the SMS service, which you can and hopefully will use.

If your a member of another bike forum (or non bike forum), take this post and spread the word. We really need to get this going so please don’t just ignore it. We need you to do everything and anything you can do to help.

Text: BAN SPILLS to 86025

text costs 25p and usual operator rate

You’re the first to get this so make us proud to be bikers.

Mods - if you can, can you make this sticky?

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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