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I've actually never made a full pass on it.
Early testing showed lots of potential, I ran a couple of 206-207mph runs with a stubby drag fairing at partial only 7 grand, the engines will pull to 11,500rpm.
It has no problem spinning the tire at 200+
I've spent several years trying to improve the aerodynamics, traction, power, data acquisition etc...we're challenged by the salt conditions, wind, rain and now the pandemic.
I wish it was as simple as just pinning the throttle...
Thank you for answering.
I DO understand the 'not as easy as pinning the throttle' thing- can imagine anyways.

So much awesome effort gone into it already.
I can imagine the danger factor, despite all the safety and fail-safes you use too.
Please don't end up like that woman, who IIRC, crashed at over 300mph?
And I know she was well skilled, a veteran, held records or held THE record, etc.

I'll pray that the timing works out so that you can make it to one of these events, with good weather, the right conditions, all the positive voodoo working in your favor.

We could see a new record!!
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