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I work at an Iron Mine on Bafffin Island.
I've worked in the Middle East and Africa...the Arctic just seemed like another big adventure.
I love it, it's a challenging environment. I work on generators...big ones in the Power Plant as well as smaller mobile units scattered across the tundra.
I leave tomorrow for 28 days...I'll be home again on Aug. 5th...if the border opens, we'll leave the next day for Bonneville.
Bike is looking seriously bad-ass. What are you aiming for for an average speed this time around? For the record, you've got waaaaaay bigger balls than me. I don't think I'd enjoy a top speed run even on a stock bike anymore.

I worked a project for the Katavik school board hitting all the Inuit villages along the Hudon's bay (below the circle but still) and each village has the big diesel generating stations. The adventure was very-much anticipated but I'll admit that after a week, I seriously could NOT wait to be back in civilization. At least as a contractor, I was allowed to bring a bunch of beer with me, which is a big contraband no-no in all Inuit villages.


It's a different world for sure up north in the styx. Some things puzzled me though.


And out of political correctness, you have bilingual shampoo options in the hotel rooms?


But what blew me away most was the COST of everything, which has to be shipped or flown-in (thousands of KMs from roads). $22.95 for a box of dry pasta? I remember a 12 pack of coke cans was $26

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