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Yeah its a bit of a stretch to reach the clip ons. I'm 5'11", quite a bit taller than Haley, our umbrella girl. She's the daughter of one of my crew, Soren. How many 15 year old girls want to hang out with a group of middle aged guys thrashing on race bikes for a week?
We put the foam padding on because you would actually bruise your chest from laying on the frame for even a few seconds. The chassis was engineered by Precision Chassis. Regarding these altered frame, special construction bikes, the SCTA requires that steering be limited to only 15 degrees each side. The steering stops are adjustable, its no fun trying to push it around to get it on the lift or in the trailer.
The fuel tank is in the tail section, a fuel pump feeds the 2 banks of carbs.
The hydraulic clutch master cylinder operates both clutch slave cylinders.
There are 4 oil coolers, they limit how much we'll be able to enclose the bike. The rear brake is just used to get it off the trailer, its got lots of engine braking.
looks kinda uncomfortable but definantly a cool piece of machinery
1 - 2 of 338 Posts
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