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Turbo Busa at the Texas Mile - 10/31/21

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Just a little video I did of my best pass at the Texas Mile this past month. I've got some improvements I need to work on, like my launching, and retuning the PCV to get rid of the over fueling issue. Enjoy!

Texas Mile October 31, 2021 - Gen 1 Turbo Hayabusa Top Speed Run
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Can't really see anything but I'm sure it was fun!
Yeah, it's not the best position for the camera, but the suction mount is too tall and I can't tuck in well enough. I want to get a couple more cameras for next time, one down by the turbo and a rear facing 360.
Your 'BUSA' won't go over 10K in 6th gear, b/c of a stock ECU? Mmmmmm OK.
From my understanding, it's around 10-10.6. According to a few places, like this post at, non-flashed ECU's are governed in 6th gear to 10,600 RPM.
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flash it, remount camera, looks like you did a willy the whole way all I saw was sky..
Yeah, PC5 is my fuel controller usually, but going from the Mile High city down to sea level, the tune was apparently all jacked. Agree with the mounting of the camera, I may be able to get or print a small extension to lift the camera up a little higher, and supplement it with some other cameras. She wasn't quite wheeling, but the front end was very light, and that's even with the stiffer rear springs and longer gearing!
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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