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Spent most of the day prepping the 600 for the junior race tomorrow. It’s in its production spec, so we will be down on power against the guys who can afford to run a tuned 600 and a production 600 as well. Look out for number 53 in the Junior race with the same bike running at number 32 in the 600 production race on Friday morning.

Pics of the 600 ready to rock.....

We have taken a bit of a gamble for the senior race on Friday afternoon. Normally you would run your F1 bike in the senior race, but as Dave has gone faster on the production 750, compared to the F1 bike, due to all the handling problems on the F1 bike, we have decided to run the 750 in the senior race. So we have been transferring some of the trick bits from the F1 bike over to the 750, including the OZ wheels, iron rotors etc. We hope to have an ACE up our sleeve as we have also swapped over the 24 litre carbon tank from the F1 bike. The senior race, like the F1 race, is run over 6 laps, with normally riders having 2 pit stops, after lap 2 and 4. With the 24 litre tank on the 750 production bike, we are gambling on making it a one-stop race, and pitting for fuel only once, after lap 3. This should save over a minute in time and give us 3 flying laps, rather then the normal one. It’s a bit of a gamble as we are not absolutely sure the bike will do 3 laps on 24 litres of fuel. We are very confident it will, so here’s hoping. We have a 2 lap practice on the senior bike, after the junior race tomorrow, so we will be brimming the tank before Dave goes out for 2 laps, then measuring how much he has used at the end of practice.

We are running at number 54 in the senior race, the senior bikes have a yellow number board with black numbers, and the seeding is based on your practice times. As Dave did not go to well in practice due to all the documented handling problems, he is hoping to do a fair bit of overtaking in the race, as in the races so far, he has gone significantly faster than in practice. In the production race on the 750, he averaged his fastest ever average lap times, faster then on the tuned 750 we had last year!

pics of the 750 senior race bike.....

Like the production race, we know we are up against it with the bigger 1000 cc bikes but we are going for a finish in replica time (within 110% of the winner) plus trying for class honours in the 750 class again.

Will post more after the races tomorrow…..
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