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Trying To Buy This Busa but I Need Help

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I need some help. My homeboy has a 2009 gsxr 1300r (hayabusa) and he selling it. He wrecked it a while back and he say he dont have the time Or the money to fix it. The front end is messed up, no speedometer etc.., and from what he tell me it doesn't start. I don't care about the cosmetic just the mechanical end. i know I know I know, but I just need you Suzuki experienced people opinions and advice
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Those pics look like an auction bike(ID# taped onto the top of the gas tank),which your friend may have bought back from the insurance company after they totaled it?
Caulk will fix it
Phenoseal or PL400 will fix that right up :lmao
That won't buff out

I noticed that earlier,but it's hard to tell(for me anyways)if it's part of the wire harness or if it really is a cracked weld. I would think his friend would have saw a huge cracked weld and immediately realized the bike is destroyed beyond repair? this another elaborate scammer such as that mark dude from Pakistan the other day and were gonna get smashed with links anytime now:lol
1 - 3 of 30 Posts
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