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Trouble shooting issue when using a US ECU

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I purchased a US model ECU for a 2007 gsxr 750 awhile back now after my last ECU shat it’s self on a dyno run, that was sent off to be fixed.

I have tried installing the US ECU and constantly get the c42 error code once put into dealer mode.

Everything you would expect upon turning the key happens, I.e. pump primes, lights and clocks all do the usual thing. As soon as you press the button the fire up the bike, the bike cranks but doesn’t fire up.

Anyone know what might be the issue, from what I am aware the US doesn’t use a code for a key and has no immobiliser function where as the Europe spec does.

when using the original ECU the bike doesn’t display a c42 code and fires up first time, ideally I could like to sell this on but need to know if it works first.
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This is all based on 1000's but ought to apply to yours.

The immobilizer and non-immobilizer models use a different wiring harness and ignition switch. The simplest thing is to change them too but finding a used harness that isn't hacked up can be difficult. If you compare the wiring diagrams in the service manual, you'll see that the non-immobilizer switch has one connector while the immobilizer has two. That and the associated leads to the ECM are the essence of the problem. The US resistor isn't shown but is in the lead that connects to the O/Y lead to the ECM. You need to remove the immobilizer leads and install the resistor lead. An alternate is to turn off all anti-theft measures with a flash. But that's for race bikes, not for the street.
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