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to update the current situation, the parts required from giving the bike a once over is :

o/s rear cowling
rear seat
o/s foot rest hanger including pedal
rear brake lever and heel plate.
exhaust can
o/s mirror
o/s handlebar assembly including end weight
front brake lever
front upper fairing
o/s lower fairing
o/s indicator
o/s ram air duct
fuel tank
front mudgaurd
aluminiun 'sqashed' on steering lock stop (frame)
scraping on o/s of swingarm
upper fairing stay
forks require checking for true
front wheel (big buckle)
rear wheel
all paintwork for the plastics
welding for the steering lock stop.

that should cover it, i've got about 200 pound in the bank !!!! who does discount ??!!

insurance firm has allocated a free solicitor to me who specials in personal injury and uninsured losses

i'm getting three quotes from garages each costing me £25.

dan uk.

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damn man!
thats a long list, but it shouldn't be too terribly bad... i've heard of worse!

best of luck to ya bro


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sorry to tell ya dan uk, but IMHO u r definately totalled out....
you havent even begun to add labor (which may also reveal need for a frame..),
which will likely double the cost infront of you. Not to be the bearer of bad news, but ive gone thru the similar estimate (mine eventially revealled irreversible frame damage) on my slingshot gsxr......check into buyin it back and doin something with it on your own...(if they pay, the insurance co will require all work to be done by the estimating shop, and will cut the check to them or to them on your behalf..)

hope you are better bro!!! head up!!

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thanx for that scott, i'll keep you all posted on the quotes. all better now, just nice yellow skin where the bruises are showing through !!

also, add to that list, new top range arai

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