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Transmission Whine (Intermittent)

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Hello everyone!

I have a 2006 GSXR-750 that has started making a loud whine that sounds like a fishing reel, I have inspected the chain and sprockets (to include re adjusting) but I am convinced it is coming from within the engine case. Anyone come accross a noise similar to this one? I haven't had time to hit the track in a few months and have three trackdays this weekend. Hoping I can run it...

*The noise is now intermittent after doing a few laps but when I took it out of storage it was constant.

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Cam chain can be too tight and make noise like that. When I installed a manual cam chain tension adjuster on my Ninja, I was learning, and one thing I did was ride the bike around slowly in a parking lot with no helmet so I could hear the engine noises. And in fact yes, when the chain was set too tightly, I could absolutely hear a whine. If you haven't changed your CCT for an aftermarket manual one, you could try inspecting it and just re-setting the tension. It's rather simple and doesn't require taking the motor apart or anything. If you reset the CCT and it's still doing it, would probably be worth it to get a manual CCT and never have this issue ever again.

Worth looking at if the sound is still illusive. The stator wear there doesn't look good but isn't terrible. Make sure there's no debris stuck to the magnets in there, but even that wouldn't cause an "intermittent whining" sound.

Hope this helps.
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Well unless I'm mistaken and the magnets should be touching the steel (and AFAIK stators use magnetic fields, not mechanical friction to generate electricity)
then this is very terrible
I mean yes obviously contact is bad, but usually it's just debris in there. If you said it was tight when you got in there, and you've reinstalled the stator, cover, and the dowels Bill mentioned, and it hasn't been dropped/crashed on the cover, and the wires weren't visibly rubbing on the rotor, then that's just about as much as you could have done there. Maybe sanity check that the rotor is tightened onto the crankshaft, but a lot of stuff would have to happen to make that loosen...

I guess a good way to tell here is run the motor, and try and determine which side of the motor is whining. Left or right. Right side would be where the cam chain is, left side is obviously where the stator is. Hope this helps.

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