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Transmission Whine (Intermittent)

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Hello everyone!

I have a 2006 GSXR-750 that has started making a loud whine that sounds like a fishing reel, I have inspected the chain and sprockets (to include re adjusting) but I am convinced it is coming from within the engine case. Anyone come accross a noise similar to this one? I haven't had time to hit the track in a few months and have three trackdays this weekend. Hoping I can run it...

*The noise is now intermittent after doing a few laps but when I took it out of storage it was constant.

Link -
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what is that first shot of? something is flexing there is that right?

I hear something not sure what tho, the stator bolts have been known to come loose check those right away don't start it anymore, check oil all that, make sure its full and clean, hi quality.. the pitch doesn't seem to get high with the rpms? wheel bearings so forth
Ah! I did put a new stator on last year and it was quite cheap, I will take that cover off and see if anything is loose behind that cover. Thanks!!
No luck with the stator, everything looks good here, nice and tight.. Anyone else have suggestions?
On second thought, looks a bit rough See video lmk thanks!
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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