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Transmission Whine (Intermittent)

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Hello everyone!

I have a 2006 GSXR-750 that has started making a loud whine that sounds like a fishing reel, I have inspected the chain and sprockets (to include re adjusting) but I am convinced it is coming from within the engine case. Anyone come accross a noise similar to this one? I haven't had time to hit the track in a few months and have three trackdays this weekend. Hoping I can run it...

*The noise is now intermittent after doing a few laps but when I took it out of storage it was constant.

Link -
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There should be a couple dowel pins to align the stator holder/cover with the crankcase. Are they present? I don't know for sure but that doesn't look like an OEM stator. Is it? Is the rotor contacting the poles of the stator all the way around or just on the top? Have you dropped the bike in a way that might distort the cover?
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It's been a while but someone here had the screws that mount the stator to the cover start to come out and scribe grooves into the rotor. Use Loctite and make sure they're tight.
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