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It has gotten impossible for me to "moderate" who are owners of orgs, who are coaches of orgs, and who are just fans of orgs. There are too many orgs out there.

So from now on, trackday orgs are allowed to be listed in signatures, with a link to the orgs site by anyone.

signature BANNERS advertising the organization are not allowed, unless you are a paying site sponsor.

"selling" of dates through your signature is still prohibited. Direct contact info will be prohibited. Only a link to the orgs site is allowed.

Trackday "advertisements" of dates, need to be put in the Calendar at the top of this forum unless you are a paid site sponsor or vendor.

This forum is for trackday technical info, how to, and group meet ups at trackdays.

It is not to promote your track dates in the forum itself. That is what the calendar is for.

EDIT: I am not going to keep warning people anymore, and deleting threads. I will just start with temp bans, and eventually perma bans.

this area is NOT for advertising your dates, unless you are a paid sponsor. That is what the calendar is for. If your post has much more than "hey I will be at X track on Y day, anyone going to go as well" it does not belong in here. NO prices, no information on how it is run...... that is all "advertising" for the org.
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